Free Album Friday: Radiator Hospital - Torch Song

Free Album Friday: Radiator Hospital – Torch Song

Hello again!
You’ve probably noticed that we on Last on Our List have been absent for a couple weeks. School is just starting again and we’re all trying to get back into school mode after such an “exciting” summer. But we’re back now! Hopefully we’ll even have a podcast up for the week.
Now, onto what you really want. Free Album Friday! A while ago I shared an album from Radiator Hospital titled

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Podcast #22 BABYCAST

We got some baby food to review and things don’t go so well.

The Gang’s(minus Josh and Hailen) trip to Vegas to see the new Dragonball Movie.
Job stuff
Audio Science

GAMES -1:38:11
Last Of Us Remastered

OTHER - 1:36:37
Food review + questions. (If you get queasy or don’t want to hear puking and other similar gross things, you will want to skip this segment) - Photos (Really gross)


We got chocolate. We got bad news. We got some rad dudes.


Video Games - 16:35
Crawl (Go buy it, it’s so good.)
EA Early Access
Rouge Legacy (This is worth a buy too!)
Oculus Rift
Hentai + Hentai Games
Crypt of the Necrodancer (Really fun and unique game)
Sports Games

Movies/TV - 55:47
Captian America: The Winter Soldier
The Lego Movie
Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover (Still mad..) ( tw:rape because I bring up a terrible joke made in the clip that references rape.)

Other - 1:20:00
Chocolate Review

Free Album Friday: Jeff Pianki - Paper Window

Free Album Friday: Jeff Pianki – Paper Window

Welcome back to Free Album Friday!
This week I’ll be showcasing Jeff Pianki’s album “Paper Window”. Taken directly from Painki’s bandcamp: “Paper Window is a collection of songs written with the intent of exploring memories. Some are mine, some are hers, some are yours. The songs all mean a whole lot to me, and were recorded in my bedroom in the last half of 2010″.

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